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April 8, 2017

photo credit: @edyperezz 

So Angel (@almostdecent) hit us up a few days before to pull up to Adriana Sahar (@adrianasahar) birthday party. Needless to say, we were very excited to be apart of the SUCKIT events and have our clothes side by side Adriana's beautiful handmade brand. 

Adriana Sahar has one of the cutest, sexiest and super original hand made brands in Los Angeles hands down. check out her website below. 


Plus, when she posted her promo video that morning, we were getting really excited. 



 So we pulled up to the party, which was somewhere downtown LA at a hidden backyard and the vibe was exactly like ice cube's song, "it was a good day". There were good people, good weather, a bit of day drinking, tacos and a lot of goofing off. 

 We also met some new friends and fans of the brand. 

And so after the sun went down we broke down our booth, and went back to our warehouse to drop off the clothes. We got ourselves together to go back for round two. Unfortunately, we didn't bring a camera to take pictures of the party, but man was it a lot of fun. We looked through our instagram to find any pics we could of that night. Check them out below. 


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