The story of MADE and Monte aka Lil Housephone

The story of MADE and Monte aka Lil Housephone

Monte aka LilHousephone is one of my best friends. We came along way. He was the first person I ever told about MADE. I wanted to shoot and he wanted to model so we went to his old high school and did our first MADE shoot. I had no website at the time, no instagram, just a few samples and the brandname MADE.


We were just kids. Matter fact, when I went to my first AGENDA trade show, Monte came with me too. We were posted across from HUF and BABYLON and we had a tiny booth with a few samples and a sign we made at the Fedex store. It was intimidating for me but having Monte there, I felt like no one could touch us. We were the young brand that nobody knew and he made me feel comfortable about it. 

We just always supported each other any way we could. Funny thing tho was we hung out all the time and I never remembered him once telling me he wanted to be a rapper. I never saw it coming but at the same time, I was sure from the start that he was gonna be great. Ever since I known him, I knew he'd be great at anything he decided to do. He's so talented at a lot of things and he can always charm the socks off of anybody.

 Bro, Monte, I am very proud of you dude. I'll never forget the love and support you have shown to me throughout the years. Look at what we accomplished since then. Lets never stop. Love you bro. 


Anyways, he just dropped his new music video. This video is crazy. I love it all. and everyone in it, DariaYesenia, and Reese, lol yall killed that. Listen to Lil Housephone of his new ep-VOICEMAILS. Every song is a banger. Also peep his twitter. 




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